Trimming and Removal

Trimmed live oaks around house, garden, pool and driveway.  Removed mountain juniper.

I talked to Mr. Jordan on the phone and we scheduled for an estimate the following day.  He arrived on time and we did a detailed walk through for the requested areas.  He quoted me and we scheduled for work the following day.  The crew arrived the next morning and completed all the work as specified.  The crew was very courteous  and performed high quality work.  He also trimmed additional dead branches not specified.  Finally they cleaned up meticulously including the fallen leaves all around the house.  I will definitely hire them next year.

Mike Mathews


Very good.  Use frequently

Michael Arnold

Trim and Removal

Trimmed three oaks and one elm on our property. Removed all the branches touching our and neighbors roof, removed a larger branch growing over the house, and ensured the tree closest to the street was within code.

Billy was very professional and readily answered all the questions I had. I especially appreciated that they made sure to leave a little branch that was supporting a bird feeder without my having to ask. They cleaned up exceptionally well. The trees look superb now. Better than they ever have. I will hire them again the next time we need our trees serviced.

William Leary

Tree trimming, ball moss removal

Absolutely excellent

Dan Karam

Trimming and Removal

Exceptional service. Planned out the whole job during our walk-through, and took care of everything they said they would. I even asked for a few changes while they were doing the work, and they were happy to accommodate my requests. What impressed me the most was the cleanup…they raked the yard clean. As they were leaving, they noticed there was some debris left in the street. They stopped their truck, got out and cleaned up that debris too. I will definitely use them again.

Joseph Zell

Overall “A”

Needed limbs cut away from the house, branches raised and two trees removed.

The crew showed up on time and cleaned up everything. They cut a few extra branches that I had missed and painted all cut areas. This is the second time I’ve used them and will call them again for my barn area!

Margot Connor

We had 3 large, older ash trees dramatically cut back

Team Jordan did such a great job! They were very kind and professional. They even leveled up several large stumps for me to use as plant tables on the patio! Clean up was great! Above and beyond… I highly recommend Arboretum Tree Service!!! Thank you so much!

P. Meredith

Tree trimming

Well. Billy and I walked the yard. Instead of selling me on the service he told me that regarding the health of my trees I did not need to have them trimmed and could wait another year or so. The only thing trimming would accomplish would be to improve the aesthetics. I told him what I was thinking and asked for his input. He had some great ideas the my long term tree trimmer had never suggested. We went with Billy’s ideas and both I and my neighbors are pleased with the result. Job itself went fine. Crew arrived on time, worked diligently, Billy followed up with me the next day to be sure I was satisfied. We noticed a few branch cuts that had not been painted (not many given the volume of work that was done) and he sent someone over to address that. I would use Billy again.

Linda Duffy

I was very impressed with Billy. He came by on a Saturday, looked at my trees and gave me a very fair estimate for the work needed to be done. He also observed my gate wasn’t closing properly and while the trees were being trimmed- I scheduled it actual work a few days later-he fixed the gate at no charge. He educated me about the proper care of our trees and when they would need care again. He’s very professional, knows trees and gave me an idea of how to properly care for our fence as well. I was very satisfied!!!

Judith Long

Super Job!

Wow…where do I start?! We’ve lived in our house 17 years and only had minimal tree trimming of a few overhanging limbs. After all these years, our trees were full of deadwood, ball moss and intruding everywhere. Called Billy Jordan and he came out, surveyed the situation, gave me a written estimate and we scheduled a start date. He brought out two crews, one for the front and one for the back. They arrived as scheduled…worked as well oiled machines…and didn’t leave at the end of the day until every leaf, limb, and piece of ball moss was removed. At the end of each day you couldn’t even tell we had work done that day. My only regret is that I didn’t take “before” and “after” pics because the transformation was absolutely breathtaking!!! I’m sure this work alone has added substantial property value to our house. Billy and his team don’t just “trim trees”, they are tree artists…I never imagined our trees could be so tall, majestic and beautiful. I’m a believer!

Rita Oliphint


We had one tree removed and one tree “cleaned up”. They did a phenomenal job and completely transformed the tree they “cleaned up” and gave it a new life. All of the trimmings and the other tree (entire tree) was removed and our yard was spotless. We are so thrilled with the job Mr Jordan and his staff did for us. We most definitely will call on Arboretum Tree Services again!!

Jennifer Arulanandam

Excellent Work!!!

Our oak trees were in dire need of attention. The property we purchased has trees neglected for years and the 30ft oak in the front yard was by far the worst. The limbs had begun to sag and break under their own weight. Additionally, the ball moss had covered the entire tree. Billy came out and provided a quote and within a couple days the crew came in a saved our tree’s life. All of the ball moss was removed and branches were trimmed. The tree has lifted, and the canopy looks amazingly healthy. He also took care of the smaller trees around the property as well. The big oak now looks beautiful and is on its way to recovery. Billy is extremely knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to make sure the customer, and the trees are top priority. Thank you again, and we are customers for life!

Ryan and Angela Tobin

Fantastic professional service!

Billy & his crews worked on 2 trees at our home. They did an amazing job of removing a large live oak that had become a big problem for our foundation, and quite frankly was not a healthy tree due to the small space it had been planted in. Then they did beautiful work pruning and cleaning up a large ash in our back yard. The spring growth on the ash has been gorgeous. Arboretum Tree Service is top-notch, very dedicated to customer satisfaction, and knows everything possible about trees and how to work with them. I highly recommend Billy and his crews!!

Julie Hunt

Arboretum Tree Services

Mr. Jordan had a great crew of five people who worked at our home for two and a half days on about 10 large trees. Very punctual. Really paid close attention to what we wanted to accomplish. Very courteous, did a beautiful job, have actually gotten compliments on the job and they just left today! Cleaned up thoroughly. Definitely recommend them!

Carolyn and Jim Dublin